Fire & Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are not only painful, they can take years to heal and can leave a person with disfiguring injuries and permanent scaring that require a person to make life-altering changes. In some cases, burn injuries end in a wrongful death.

Burn Injuries and Premises Liability Claims

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe and secure property for occupants, visitors, and renters. When safety is overlooked – blocked escape exits, smoke detectors that don’t work, improper fire exits – if a fire occurs or another type of emergency it can lead to serious burn injuries.

Burn Injuries and Product Liability Claims

At Williams, Caponi & Associates P.C., we also represent people who have sustained serious burn injures as a result of electrical burns, thermal burns, chemical burns, and scalds as a result of defective products. These products include barbeque grills, propane tanks, appliances, or even automobiles.

When you receive a burn injury because of negligence by another, or in the worst cases death, compensation may include a financial reward for:

Pain and suffering, medical expenses, medications – prescription and OTC, loss of wages, loss of potential earning power, special care equipment, care and aid, travel expenses, and other financial, emotional, and physical expenses.

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