Car Accidents / Auto Accidents

Being involved and injured in an auto accident is always tough.

Being injured in an auto accident that was not your fault is even worse. Suddenly you find yourself injured, in pain, and facing growing medical bills, lost wages, perhaps you’ve even lost your job.

Injuries can range in severity. Don’t let what appear to be minor injuries fool you. Soft tissue injuries can cause you substantial of pain. All injuries have the potential for lost wages. In some cases, you may not be able to return to your previous work. Your employer may let your position go. Lost earnings not only affect you, it affects your entire family. If one or more family members are hurt in the accident, things can get even worse. Then to add insult to injury the insurance company is giving you the run around, when you need their support the most.

Insurance companies are not in the business of looking out for YOUR best interests. The bottom line is that they are a business and their goal is to reduce their claim payout. So while, they claim to be looking out for your best interests, unless you have an experienced lawyer, your settlement will be far less than it should be. Never sign anything until you have spoken with the lawyers at Williams, Caponi & Associates P.C. Our lawyers will not be intimidated by insurance companies. Our loyalty lies with our clients and we are proud of our reputation for achieving the highest possible settlements for our clients.

Steps to Take After Your Accident

Get Help– If there are injuries the first thing you need to do is call 911 and the police.

Gather Information – Get as much information as you can. Take pictures. Get the names and addresses of witnesses. Be sure to take note of phrases witnesses say, like “that black car was swerving,” or, “that truck flew through the intersection.” Take down names and contact information as well just in case your claim goes to court.

Seek Medical Attention – When there are serious injuries always call 911 immediately. All other injuries should still be treated by a doctor after the accident.

Do NOT Sign Anything - From an insurance adjustor until you’ve spoken to the lawyers at Williams, Caponi & Associates P.C. Insurance adjustors will sometimes show up at the scene of an accident and ask leading or incriminating questions when victims are at their most vulnerable and you could be signing away any future rights to compensation.

Keep Good Records and Files - Keep a journal detailing how you felt after the car accident. Six or seven months later, it can be difficult to remember how painful it was just to lift your arms to brush your teeth, and an insurance adjustor may try to say you are exaggerating your injuries. Also keep receipts from household services received, such as house cleaning and lawn mowing services.

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